At Secret Destinations, whether you prefer visiting the numerous safari parks, the Rhino Sanctuary, or participating in gorilla/chimpanzee trekking, whatever your preferences, we tailor-make your safari to give you an unforgettable experience in the wild, with a possibility of capturing it all from the sky using a hot-air balloon!
We take care of everything from the moment you disembark the plane, to the moment you complete your safari. Your accommodation is booked in advance and the activities, pre-arranged to suit your needs. Let us take you on a journey of discovery through authentic East Africa!


At Secret Destinations, we understand that the most important asset in guaranteeing a successful Safari experience is Human Resource. We engage a careful but thorough recruitment and training process to support this, and only select the most enthusiastic, cheerful, knowledgeable and professional people in this business, with many years or decades of experience, to work with.

An unforgettable Safari experience may depend on many factors but if your guide is right, the experience is almost guaranteed. We at Secret Destinations are here to ensure that your satisfaction is our priority!